I Eat Food

by Sean C. Davis

Comic So, Hello again peoples, it's been a while...

So, the comic is going to stay in sporadic 
updates for a while as I don't really have 
much of an inclination to draw the comic 
right now.

"But Sean! We need it! to breathe!"

Well tough shit Tanya, because I feel like
working on other things right now. And 
yeah, I know I Eat Food! doesn't require
too much work to make, but still... meh.

And speaking of meh, I've updated the 
Video and Film section, <武道 (budo) 
has been revised
with more coming in
 the near future (as you can see by the titles 
that don't have pages at the moment)

Also check out the store! It's under going 
some renovations...



Video & Film


The Alice Project

All Dogs go to Heaven, and...

Cupboard Not Required

The Green Man in Spring


Will there be Sun on Monday?


Ambulant Stage

Revelation, Verse II

Ghost Story Chorus
(elevator movement)

武道 (budo)

a non-linear hyper-drama

Children's Story

A short featuring me!
From Littlebitugly Productions
Note: I am the long haired
 kid in the black trench

Pride's Cloke

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Praise for I Eat Food!:

"Wow, it's almost like real drawings now." -Sean Doherty

"i think you're fucked in the head by millions of little clockwork men every day." -Xia

"will you marry me?" -jessicka

"How very J. Vasquez of you." -Jessica

"Don't show me another fucking Eddy comic." -Charlie


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