Ghost Story Chorus (elevator movement)

Windows Media

This video draws inspiration (contrary to popular belief) from the work of Hideaki Anno and not that of Hideo Nakata. Mr. Nakata's influence is only as an example of how not to edit. I know people want to draw comparisons between my ghost and Sadako/Samara, but she is not the only  female ghost with dark hair in her eyes, she's not even the first. However, in retrospect, I did unintentionally steal from The Grudge.

The main inspiration is drawn from leaving work one night after the sun went down and noticing how damn creepy the elevators looked in the lack of light. I knew then that I wanted to shoot something there. When we received our first independent assignment, I choose to develop this idea. My major inspiration is actually End of Evangelion. See if you can find the references. Here's an unintentional one that I hadn't thought about when making this; Anno and everyone else at Gainax it seems has some sort of fetish for fish eye lenses, and lo and behold I and up using one in a shot.

Shooting wise I was forced to get a bit creative. Some of the equipment I wanted to use was, unfortunately, unavailable. Luckily though, I was able to make do without. The major flaw behind this, however, is the lack of proper build-up. If I had thought about it beforehand, I would have started the scene elsewhere, in a crowded room or something similar. It was so short that I ended up using audio (inspired by Anno as well as  Boogiepop Phantom) to artificially drive up the tension. I hope it worked.


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